Stand Alone Services

Home Inspection                                                                                      

For Buyers of residential, new construction, commercial, multi-use and investment properties. We also perform 11th-month warranty inspections for new construction.

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Home Owner's Consult                                                                           

For potential Sellers, or for those who have occupied a home for many years, we offer consulting in which we perform a thorough home inspection with a more simple report that highlights recommended areas needing attention. 

Single Families starting at $350

Re-Inspection Consult                                                                             

For those who have had a Home Inspection, and would like any work that was subsequently performed to be inspected for soundness, we offer re-inspection consulting. 

Single Families starting at $125

Radon Testing                                                                                                          

Radon gas is a leading cause of lung cancer in the US. We offer testing for Radon levels in your home to keep yourself and your family safe from this harmful toxin.

Stand-alone test $125

Water Quality Testing                                                                                            

Water Quality Testing identifies toxins and contaminants that may be in your water. This is worthwhile for any home, but recommended for homes with private water (well). 

Stand-alone test $280

Wood Destroying Insect  (WDI)    

For the purposes of this inspection, wood destroying insects include termites, carpenter ants, carpenter bees, and reinfesting wood boring beetles. This is a visual inspection of the property to determine the presence or absence of visual evidence of wood destroying insects.

Stand-Alone inspection $125                                                                      

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Home Inspection prices are based on the style of the property as well as it's size and age. Use our price quote tool to know exactly what your inspection will cost.

Bundled Services

Standard Package (Inspection + 1 Add On)


Home Inspection Report + Radon Testing OR Wood Destroying Insect Inspection.

Home Inspection Price + $80

($45 savings)

Preferred Package (Inspection + 2 Add Ons)


 Home Inspection Report + Radon Testing + Wood Destroying Insect Inspection. 

Home Inspection Price + $160

($90 savings)

Premium Package (Insp. + Radon + WQ)


Home Inspection Report + Radon  + Water Quality Test.

Home Inspection Price + $300

($100 savings)



Home Inspection Report + Repair Estimate Report to understand the cost of repairs.

Home Inspection Price + $80

(not avail. as stand alone)

GOLD Package


Home Inspection Report + Radon + WDI +  Repair Estimate Report to understand repair costs.

Home Inspection Price + $240

($90 savings)



 Home Inspection Report + Radon + WDI + Repair Estimate Report    with same-day reporting.

Home Inspection Price + $310

($100 savings)

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